The LA scene is full of places to socialize. Therefore, it’s the center for a lot of dating activity. Typically, people wonder where to pick up girls in LA. Therefore, here is a compilation of places to go.


If you’re looking for a casual encounter, you may prefer to go to bars in LA. There are a lot of bars, so it seems logical that you would bar-hop. However, the bars can be spread out, not unlike most places in LA. Thus, it’s necessary to look online for bars in the same area. You will also want to search for what time the bar closes at night. Bars tend to close somewhat early, in LA.


Naturally, you can meet girls at clubs in LA. However, you may have to spend a handful of money to get into the club. A lot of LA clubs ask for bottle service. Therefore, you could end up spending hundreds of dollars. Additionally, you will need to sign up online to get on the guest list.

Pool parties

As with clubs in LA, there is bottle service. You can stay in a hotel that will host one of these poolside parties. That’s not to say that you can’t go to a hotel party without buying a hotel stay. You’ll just need entrance into that party.


One place to pick up girls in LA is at concerts. You can dance with girls in concert settings. Then, you can ask a girl for her number, or ask her if she wants to go on a date. There are free concerts in LA. There are even concerts on the beach sometimes.

The beach

There are so many beaches in Los Angeles. Thus, there are a lot of opportunities to pick up girls. Often, girls will go to the beach with friends. You can set up your beach towel near a group of people so that you have more of an opportunity to meet girls. Another thing you can do is join group activity on the beach. There are pockets of LA tourists and residents alike, who will play volleyball or frisbee. It’s not difficult to pick up girls, while playing sports. That’s partly because you’ll introduce yourself to your new teammates anyway. Additionally, you can interact with each other without the pressure of small talk because you’re engaged in a sport.