When it comes to erotic art, the Brazilians lead the way. Be it Samba or a sex-positive culture; the soccer-loving South American nation has the best times, all year round.

In 2016, they had planned to start a sex-positive theme park called the ‘EroticaLand.’ But a year later the project was called off due to a recession in the country. If the organizers had their way, Eroticaland would have featured a nudist pool, a 7D vibrating movie theater and a snack bar specializing in aphrodisiacs. And if you get too carried away, there were motels nearby to give you privacy.

Although the park did not happen as expected, there is no shortage of erotic art in Brazil. For example, consider Nudegrafia, an artist brand from the famed artist Tai Melo. This artist illustrates erotic images on bedcovers, poster, pillow and pretty much everything.

Erotic art is not new to Brazil. A recent exhibit displayed cave painting dated about 30, 000 years ago; some artifacts showcased a few sex scenes of the early settlers. This can be classified as the very first version of erotic art in Brazil.

In recent times, erotic art got a new birth in the 60s when Teresinha Soares made her mark on the modernist’s scene in Brazil. Her works were aesthetic and put women’s rights and sexual liberation at the center of every piece. Soares’s work transcended boundaries. It was hard to classify her work as only erotic art, pop or new objectivity because she used everything around her to make her point.

Soares was the powerhouse that brought Brazil’s pop art to the forefront of the masses’ consciousness. Inspired by her, many of the newer artists like Carlos Zéfiro have continued the tradition of erotic art.