Brazil is proud to be home to hundreds of influential artists who have spread their art around the world. Be it musicians, painters or art deco, the land of Samba has it all. In this article, we will recognize a few important artists from Brazil who have made a name for themselves.

1. Roberto Carlos

The first artist in our list is Roberto Carlos, a musician who has popularized Brazilian music world over. He sold close to 120 million till date and made his romantic musical style a staple in Latin America. He is aptly recognized as the founder of Latin Pop music. And yes there is another Roberto Carlos famous for his soccer skills too. But in the world of music, there is only one Roberto Carlos.

2. Tarsila do Amaral

The next one on our list is the famed painter, Tarsila do Amaral. Her most celebrated piece ‘Abaporu’ is considered as a flag bearer of Brazilian art. Amaral is the leading example of modernist painters in the 20th century. She was an integral part of the group of five, “Grupo dos Cinco” who made Brazil a powerhouse in modern art.

3. Artur Barrio

Artur Barrio is a local of Rio de Janeiro, famous for his installation pieces that have grabbed the attention of the public. Barrio claims to focus on creating an experience with his audience rather than a stand-alone art piece. His ‘Situação T/T1’, (Unfolding of the Body Situation) is a prime example of how his art is not just a stagnant piece.

4. Chico Buarque

Chico Buarque is still considered the king of Samba and MBP (Brazilian Pop music). A lot of his music was banned for several decades, and he was forced to flee, his Apesar de Voce (In Spite of You) is regarded as a symbol of the new democratic movement.