The Line between Art and Pornography

Art is simply the process of using the skills one possesses to share and create conditions, experiences, and objects that stimulate the emotions, beliefs, and thoughts of the observers or audience through their senses.


Since ancient times, people have developed a keen interest in art, and these can be seen from historical evidence, including artifacts found in the ruins of ancient civilizations. The subjects of art are often diverse, and these include man, nature, animals, religion, geometric patterns, or even human day-to-day life. However, one type of art that is often subject to controversies is nudity.

Meanwhile, academics all over the world have continued debating on the line between art and pornography. For instance, in America where both are expressions of free speech, a porn star and the President of the United States were publicly vying for moral authority, of recent. Just like the Stormy Daniels’ and Donald Trump’s affair as well as other sex scandals, explicit films often raise questions about power, gender equality, and whether they should classify them as art or pornography.

Today, a frequent subject of paintings by artists is the nudity of the female body. It has always been a favorite subject in sculptures, photography, and pictures. However, many people believe that the fine line between art and pornography is blurred. This notion cannot be more wrong.

In truth, pornography is mainly sexually explicit, whereas, art is not. Pornography conceals in revealing while art reveals in concealing.

Porn is all about depicting the human body for the primary purpose of sexual and erotic arousal. This is found in various kinds of media: erotic videos, magazines, books, photographs, and many more.

The line between art and porn is often determined by how each perceives and interprets the subject. What many people forget is that the purpose of nudity in art is to appreciate the complex beauty of the human body.

Meanwhile, since the purpose of pornography is to arouse the sexual emotions and feelings of the audience, models are made to pose in manners that make their expressions convey eroticism and sexuality.

In art, nudity has since been accepted as a regular subject in ancient times while pornography was developed in later years and is often regarded as an unacceptable expression.

In many cases, it depends on the way the presentation affects the audience on a personal level. What you may view as art based on your interpretation of the subject might be viewed by another person as pornography.

So while we believe the line is not blurred, we think they are made to serve different purposes. But porn, like art, is meant to express the imaginations of people freely, and for that, we believe no one can judge if anyone’s imagination should be restricted, or if the expression of a person’s imagination should be questioned.