Here Are the 4 Places to Embed Explainer Videos on Your Website

Explainer videos are the new bitcoin in the content marketing. As the bitcoin turns the transaction arena into safer and secure, video marketing is dethroning copywriting and content from the online kingship. People are no longer reading long copies when they can consume the message from a less than 3 minutes video. 

As an upcoming entrepreneur, you need to ensure you are not left out in the trend. Having videos on your website is the key to winning conversions and traffic. However, creating wooing videos to explain about your brands is one case. The determiner of your marketing strategy is to know where to fix them on the site and other online platforms to reach out to target audiences. Here are the four strategic places to embed your explainer videos for best marketing results:


It is no doubt that the first place of encounter between you and your target audiences is the Homepage. This page is the doorway to your website. How you design it determines the reputation of your site and decision your visitors will make. A well-designed Homepage is attractive to visitors. As such, they spend more time on it which reduces your bouncing rates.

An explainer video is a good idea when embedded on this page. As you know, your visitors would like to know about your brand, products, and the value you are adding to their lives. Thus, by having a video on this page, you can easily answer their question within the limited time they have on your site. If you want to have a better idea on hoe does a explainer video work, we recommend you to check out this amazing tool Squareship.com/explainer/

Product page

Products are the reasons you are in business. All the attempts and costs you engage in aim at driving sales. In the era of reading laziness, you must come up with a way of ensuring your products are at the heart of the customers through pitching your message within a short duration. Explainer videos can help you achieve this objective.

A video of fewer than 2 minutes can consist a message of more than 5000 words. Hence, while you must include product descriptions for customers requiring more details, having product explainer videos on this page can be a perfect way to boost your sales. Remember, visitors do not take more than 2 minutes on your site. So, you must utilize the limited time to make your pitch and influence their decision making.

Get in touch


Probably, email marketing is part of your online strategies. You already have emails from your customers and continue using click-funnels to collect more. However, are you sure your customers or subscribers read your emails? And for those who do that do they take the recommended action? According to market research, emails embed with explainer videos or others receive high clicking and opening rate about their counterparts.

In this regard, your email marketing campaigns can be more successful through embedding videos explaining about your brands and products on them. Otherwise, the reason for sending them is to inform and woo the customers to believe what you are offering is the best. Hence, if not opened, your objective will have failed.

Social media pages

The 21st-century market is on the virtual platform. For you to make a quantifiable profit your online presence and availability is not exceptional. Social media pages are platforms that enhance these objectives. In this essence, uploading explainer videos on your social pages can strengthen your online engagement and brand awareness. Also, the videos improve sharing. This way, you earn free marketing and brand recognition. 

In a word, placing an explainer video on the above areas can enhance your conversions. Thus, if you want to succeed in your online marketing, ensure your videos are placed strategically on your website.